Friday, November 16, 2012

The Founding Fathers

Many years ago, a small but powerful group of black men united and decided to change the world. This group of Black Men had decided the white man had been in control for far too long. Under the white man’s stewardship, the world was in an awful state. The environment, the economy, a new war breaking out every other day, and all being orchestrated by whitey. These black men, who called themselves “The Founding Fathers,” were determined to bring about a very drastic change. Being very powerful men themselves, captains of industry, political leaders, etc., The Founding Fathers purposefully and systematically replaced white corporate heads, senators and congressmen with men and women of their own choosing. These new leaders were all very carefully handpicked by the Founding Fathers. They were not only African Americans but also whites who were sympathetic to the cause. That cause? To usher in a new world order where Blacks held their rightful place as rulers, and whites were reduced to mere servants and slaves.